tirsdag 27. oktober 2009

The Sketchbook Project

Jeg har meldt meg på The Sketchbook Project. Mitt tema synes jeg var så kuult. Jeg ble tildelt tittelen: "A million Little.."
Det betyr at jeg skal fylle en Moleskin med skisser som omhandler temaet "A million little..".
En liten video fra CNN om The Sketchbook Project


Be one of the founding contributors to The Sketchbook Library by signing up to receive a sketchbook, filling it up with art, and sending it back.
Your sketchbook will be among thousands of others that were made by artists from all over the world.
Visitors will receive library cards and be able to view the books at exhibitions around the country.
The goal of the project is to create a giant collective of sketchbooks from around the globe and make it accessible to everyone.

A sneak peek;)