lørdag 25. februar 2012

Art Journal is so much fun!

I love playing in my Art Journal, just wished I had more time to do it.
And with the super birthday present from my loving husband&kids I got this to keep all my stuff in!

I wonder what he say the next time we`re off on holiday 
and the wife brings this big stuffed suitcase with her ha,ha ;) 


3 kommentarer:

  1. finfin gave d fikk:-) Kunne tenkt meg en slik selv... Hvor kan de skaffes??? kleeeemmm

    1. Ja ikke sant, den er super ;) Du kan få den på Minnehjørnet på Ski, de har to stk. igjen. Kleeeeeem A:)

  2. a wonderful way to keep it all together xo


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